Mobile email client compatibility

Understanding how different email clients support various features is one of the best ways to help ensure that your email campaigns render correctly across various applications. Especially when it comes to mobile email clients—knowing how different mobile applications handle emails is key. We’ve tried to simplify things a bit with this chart, showing a high-level overview of what is supported across the most popular mobile email clients.

Mobile Email Client Compatibility

Here’s a quick overview of what each column represents.

Media queries allow more advanced control over styling the content in an email and are used in most responsive email designs. When not supported, email campaigns will usually be scaled by the email client and layouts can appear broken. For more information on media queries, read our blog post on the subject.

Image blocking disables images from downloading and displaying when a message is opened.

ALT text allows you to code an alternative message associated with an image to appear when images are blocked, providing some context for the missing images.

Styled ALT text allows email designers to control the font, color, and size of any ALT text that appears in the email when images are blocked, allowing for more on-brand layouts even when image blocking is enabled.

Preview text is the text pulled from the body of an email and displayed underneath the subject line in the inbox. For more information on preview text, check out this blog post.

While this chart gives a good overview of what is supported where, it’s important to note that mobile email clients are constantly updated and support for different features can change without any notice.

If you want to learn more about mobile clients on iPhone and Android, you can find more information on this blog post. And, if you need to see what older mobile email clients support, this blog post should help out.

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