Summary tab tasks and task templates

Every Litmus project's Summary tab allows you to set due dates, project status, and include a description. Litmus includes a default task list that you can edit or customize.

Default task lists

Litmus includes a default list of tasks that are common for email projects. These tasks can be deleted or edited, and more tasks can be included.

NOTE: Default task lists are available in Basic and Plus subscriptions.

Hover over any existing task and use the pencil icon to edit it. Make any changes in the data field then use the green Save button to keep your edits.

Use the trash can icon at the far right of a task to delete it.

To add a new task, use the data field at the bottom of your tasks.

summary project tab in a basic or plus account showing edit options

Custom task templates

NOTE: Custom task templates are available in Enterprise plans. Full access users can create or edit a task template for your account.

A custom task template can standardize processes, maintain brand integrity, and get full visibility into progress. It saves you time by tailoring tasks to your unique email creation and review process. You can even track when tasks are completed, and more specifically, who completed them.

Once set up, the Task Template will display for every new email created in an account or subaccount. You can edit, add, or delete tasks in each individual email's Summary tab but the template will not change.

Visit your account Settings and select the Task template option in the left menu. Use the Create your first task link to set up your initial template.

task template settings page with link indicated

You can add as many tasks as you'd like. Once they are in place, you can use the vertical breadcrumb menu at the left of each task to move it up or down in your list. You can also move, edit, or delete a task using the icons at the right of each item.

Choose the green Save button in the lower right to save your full task template list.

NOTE: You can specify tasks for individuals but they do not receive a notification that the task is now in the Summary list. Please make sure to directly alert any user to a new task template assignment. If you assign a task for someone who is not a user on your account, e.g., a client, you will need to notify that individual and add them to your account as a Full role user for them to mark a task completed.

task template with vertical breadcrumbs indicated and right-side icons circled

Your task template will replace the default task list in the Summary tab of new email projects. More tasks can be added to the Summary but they will only apply to the current email project.

summary tab with tasks from template


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