Litmus Power-Up for Trello

The Litmus Power-Up for Trello enables you to keep all stakeholders up-to-date on the status of email projects without having to hop between tools. Attach a Litmus email to a Trello card and an overview of the email will seamlessly sync from Litmus to Trello.

You can set up the connection starting in Litmus or starting in Trello - your choice!

Set up from Litmus

Choose Integrations from the left menu in your Litmus settings. Scroll down to find the Trello card and select it.

Use the green Connect button in the upper right corner to hop to Trello for the Powerup.

Sign in to your Trello account if needed and select Add Power-up on the Litmus add-in page. On the next screen, use the dropdown to select which Trello board you want to connect, then select Add at the bottom of the window.

You'll see a confirmation screen and can go directly to your Trello board or back to the Power-up listing.

Set up from Trello

Sign in to Trello and choose a board you want to connect to Litmus. Select Power-Ups in the upper right menu of your board, the use the Add Power-Ups button in the popup.

Use the upper left search box to find Litmus in the Power-Ups library, then add the connection tool.

You'll see more details about the Litmus Power-Up, including links to our privacy policy. Select Add to continue.

Your Litmus Power-Up is activated! You can create a new Trello card or open an existing one. In the right side section, you'll have a category of Power-Ups and Litmus will be available there! Select the Litmus button and then Connect a Litmus account.

Enter your Litmus credentials. Select your desired account from the dropdown and authorize the Power-Up's access. You can connect multiple Litmus accounts in Trello!

Attach, create or remove emails

With the Power-Up authorized, use the right menu Litmus link to attach an email. Select your account from the available options, then choose an email to attach to your Trello board. Every email connects with Due date, Status, and Tasks listed, all gathered from your email project Summary.

animation showing attach an email process

You can create a new email from Trello, too! Select Create new Litmus email from the right Power-Up menu. Choose your account and a new email project will be created in Litmus in the account you selected. Any work on that project will update in your Trello card.

animation showing create a Litmus email process

You can remove any connected email using the Remove link to the right of your project in the Trello card.

indicated link to remove a project from trello

Disconnect your accounts

You can disconnect Litmus and Trello from either application. In Litmus, find the Apps link in your Settings left menu. Choose the Authorized applications tab and select the trash can icon at the right of the Litmus Trello Power-Up item.

apps menu item in litmus with trash can icon indicated

To disconnect Litmus in Trello, select the Power-Ups link in the upper right of your board, find Litmus in the enabled items, and select the Settings button. Choose Disable from the dropdown options.


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