How to Proof an image file

Many teams review and approve their email designs before creating the HTML version of the email. Proof can be used to streamline this process with the image upload feature. Image upload lets teams share an image file (PNG, JPG, and GIF supported) of the email with stakeholders and review their comments in one place before HTML design begins. The HTML version can then be added to the email when ready for final review. 

Note: This feature is available exclusively on the Litmus Enterprise plan.

Get started Proofing an image

1. Create a new Email in any folder by clicking "New Email"

2. Click on "Approve" 

3. Click "Upload an image file" and select your image (PNG, JPG, and GIF only)

Your image will then load in the Proof tab of the email. Use the share button to share with stakeholders for feedback. Read more about sharing a Proof here. 

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