Proof an image file

With Proof, teams can share an image file of an email with stakeholders and review their comments in one place before HTML design begins. Streamline and focus HTML development with an image upload to Proof.

NOTE: Litmus Proof is available with Enterprise plans.

Create an email

Start in either the Home or Collaborate tab. You can use the green Create new button on the right or, in Collaborate, use the Create a new proof button in the left banner block.

collaborate top menu tab showing banner block and create new button

Add the name of your project and select Collaborate, then the green Next: Bring in your email bar.

create new email window with title entered and collaborate block selected

Upload your image

Use the Browse files button to find your file. You can upload JPG, GIF or PNG formats.

proof import options with image upload on right and browse files button indicated

Ready to use

Your upload populates the Proof tab in your Litmus email project. You can share the proof with stakeholders for comments and approval. Your team can use the Build and Previews & QA tabs to add code and test the email, all in the same project. Your Proof tab will update to new versions so more comment, review, and approval can continue in the same convenient space!

litmus project proof tab with uploaded image and comments added by stakeholders

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