Best practices using Litmus Analytics

Your broader email strategy should determine what email campaigns you track via our Email Analytics.

If you're just easing into using email analytics, you'll see a lot of value in using an email tracking code for just a few campaigns. Once you know how helpful this information is, and how it plays into your goals with your email, you can weigh the value of the investment.

We would recommend aiming for, at minimum, a baseline understanding of your subscribers' device usage and average engagement. You might track a handful of campaigns to build a baseline, looking for average mobile audience composition, average engagement, and popular email clients.

Then, armed with this information, you can decide what actions you might want to take to either improve the effectiveness of your campaigns or to reduce the time spent on building your email campaigns.

For example, if few of your customers are using Outlook to view emails, you might spend a bit less time optimizing for Outlook.

A single tracking code reused in several campaigns

There is a 1:1 relationship between tracking codes and reports/exports in Litmus. If a single tracking code is used in more that one email, all of the data from each send will "roll up" into a single report in the Litmus interface, as well as their associated CSV exports.

If a single tracking code is used in multiple emails/sends (or in a template that is used more than once), you will not be able to differentiate one send from another in your reports or CSV files, unless you're using an optional custom campaign parameter to insert a unique value for different email campaigns.

NOTE: Using a single tracking code across multiple campaigns can accumulate a large amount of data. If your campaigns grow too large, our UI may not be able to handle the data and you may see timeout errors when trying to access your EA data and summary in the UI. Enterprise customers may choose to set up an FTP Data feed to receive automatic file transfers of your Analytics data.

Fair use limits

Email Analytics tracking codes are subject to our fair use policy. The Plus plan includes tracking for all campaigns for up to 500,000 total hits per month. The Pro plan includes tracking for all campaigns for up to 2,000,000 total hits per month.

Our Enterprise plan is also available if you need more than 2,000,000 opens per month for Email Analytics.

If you have any questions about our fair use policy for Email Analytics, please contact support for assistance.

For more information, visit our Litmus Resources to find up-to-date research, tools, and articles on getting the most out of your analytics data.

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