Previewing merge tag personalization in Builder

Once you've set up your ESP merge tags and added merge tags to an email in Litmus Builder, you can preview different variations of personalization quickly and easily using the Personalization tab of Litmus Builder.

The Personalization tab is available from the left-hand pane of both the code and visual editors. Click on Personalization and you will see a list of all merge tags included in your email.

Each tag has an input field where you can enter different values and see how your email content and design changes in the right-hand preview pane.

You can also run personalized versions of email previews by switching to the Email Previews tab. Click Rerun previews to run a set of previews with any values present on the Personalization tab replacing your merge tags.

Note: for merge tags to appear on the Personalization tab, they must be configured first in your Personalization settings.

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