Using ESP merge tags in Builder

Once you've set up your ESP merge tags, you can use them to quickly and easily create personalized emails in Litmus Builder. This article covers how to insert merge tags into emails you build in Builder.

Inserting ESP merge tags in Visual Editor

The Visual Editor in Litmus Builder makes it easy for anyone to build emails. With ESP merge tags, it's also easy to personalize email content without having to remember or look up your merge tags or enter them manually.

ESP merge tags can be added to your email content in Visual Editor wherever you see the Personalization icon:

This includes when editing content in the following places:

Click on the Personalization icon next to any of these fields to open the merge tag menu:

Inserting ESP merge tags in Builder code editor

The code editor in Litmus Builder also has support for merge tags. Just click on the Insert > Merge tag menu to access your merge tags. 

The code editor also offers auto-complete for merge tags. Just begin typing a merge tag to see a list of merge tags for auto-completion.

Merge tags are also available when making edits to your subject line or using the UTM manager to add UTM parameters to links in your email.

Previewing merge tag personalization

Finished adding merge tags to your email? Check out this article to learn about previewing personalization in Litmus Builder.

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