Restoring deleted emails and folders

Deleted emails can be found in the 'Deleted emails' section on the settings page. All of your account’s emails and folders that have been deleted in the past 30 days will show up here. Please contact our support team if you cannot find what you are looking for.

Delete email section

Please note: The Deleted emails section is not present in the Settings area for users assigned to Reviewer and Proof Reviewer roles.

Restore a deleted email or folder

Find the email or folder you wish to restore. Select the restore icon on the right.

restore icon

View the newly restored email or folder by selecting "here" in the success pop-up notification.

go visit it here notification

Restoring a deleted email

Emails will be restored to their original location.

Restoring a deleted folder

Restoring a deleted folder will also restore any nested child folder(s) or emails that were deleted together at the same time. 

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