Minor vs major impacts and investigating changes

Once you have set up email monitoring with Email Guardian, your selected emails will be scanned every 24 hours for email client updates that impact your content in minor and major ways. If you turn on notifications, you will receive an email to let you know about any major impacts.

Minor vs. major impacts

We compare screenshots of your email at different times and determine the degree to which the rendering has changed. We also detect specific rendering problems, such as broken images.
If we determine the rendering has changed a small amount from the original, we call it a minor impact. This might include one or two images not loading.
If the change has a significant impact, we report it as a major impact. This might include all of your images not loading.
NOTE: If your email has dynamic images, it could trigger an Email Guardian notification. If this is the only change you see, dismiss the alert with the corresponding dropdown option.

Investigate detected changes

When you are notified about a major impact, you can investigate it further by selecting the Investigate the change button in the alert email.

NOTE: While we alert you at the time a major change is detected, some issues will resolve on their own such as missing images due to a server issue. If you no longer see an issue you can dismiss the alert.

In Email Guardian, use the red slider to compare the previous copy of your email to the detected change.

animation of email slider to compare changes

If you decide the change doesn't require any intervention, you can choose the Dismiss alert button in the upper right above your email. Select an option from the dismissal list to help Email Guardian improve its scans.

Arrow pointing to Dismiss this alert button on the capture page

If you want to correct your email, go to your original email code source, whether Builder or your ESP, to update your content. Once the issue has been corrected, submit a new version of your email using the green New version button in your Litmus Previews & QA tab. Copy your retest email address from the popup and use it to send your email from your ESP.

animation of new version button and retest email address

NOTE: It may take up to 24 hours for the new version of your email to be reflected in Email Guardian.


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