Compare email analytic campaigns

Comparing campaigns is a great way to spot trends in engagement and more in your email campaigns. To get started first go to your email analytics section in your account. On the left-hand side, you’ll see a button to compare campaigns. 

Once you select that button you’ll be able to choose up to 5 of your analytics reports to compare. Just select the box next to the ones you want to look at. You’ll be able to see comparisons on:
  • Where is your audience reading your email (desktop, webmail or mobile)?
  • How engaged is your audience (read, skimmed or glanced)?
  • Interaction Comparison (for opens, forwards and prints)

You can view the results in your dashboard with graphs or export the data to a CSV.

Start tracking your campaigns

Now that you know how Email Analytics works, try it out for yourself! Start tracking your campaigns with Litmus Analytics.

Start tracking→

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