What is the color blindness filter for email previews?

Color blindness affects 8% of the male population around the world, leading to various degrees of what is known as “color deficiency,” or difficulty distinguishing between different colors. While many different types of color blindness exist, the majority of color blind individuals are unable to distinguish differences between red and green.

Usability and accessibility principles for web design encourage sufficient color contrast in text and images to ensure that content is easily distinguishable. While we recognize that not all web design principles are applicable to email design, color blindness surely does.

We offer an option for Email Previews in Litmus that allows you to simulate what a person with a red-green color deficiency might see when viewing your email:

To select this option, you will have to select a checklist within the Checklist page and click the choose email clients button next to the preview icons at the top right hand of the page. 

Choose email clients

You will see this option under Color Blindness when you select the ‘Other’ option within the desktop clients list. 

Configure Email Clients

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