Why wasn't my email test received?

Have you put your personal Litmus address in the "To" field?

Our system needs to be able to "see" the unique identifier for your test, so make sure that you put your specific "...@litmusemail.com" appears in the email headers. Some systems will put placeholder addresses in email headers for testing. If we can't find your Litmus test address in the headers we won't be able to associate your test with your account.

Find out how to work with your unique Litmus test address here

Are you sending a digitally signed or encrypted email?

As a result of severe incompatibilities with older email clients, we are unable to process emails which are digitally signed or encrypted. These types of messages can cause older versions of Outlook to suffer from memory errors, for example, so overall it is best not to send these types of messages to your mailing lists.

Unexpected delays

Unfortunately due to the nature of the Internet, sometimes there can be delays in receiving your email for testing. Most of the time our system receives emails from clients within just a few seconds. After waiting one minute, our system will stop waiting as it's likely that something has gone wrong. Try going to the Inbox and refreshing the page. If there are any known problems with testing, we do update our status page with details. 

Have you checked your email's HTML/CSS validation?

An email test may have trouble producing results if there are errors within the HTML/CSS. If you do not see any results returning for your test and there are no known problems on the status page, this may be what is causing the problem to occur. We recommend running your email's HTML through the W3C Validator to check the validation of your HTML/CSS. You will then want to make changes and retest the email through Litmus.

Try sending to a third party email account

Try sending your email from your mailing system to an email account which is outside of your company (for example, a private Gmail or Outlook.com account). If the email is not received at that address either, then the problem is likely to be with your mailing company. They may have a system status page which would give you details of any delays they are currently experiencing, so it's worth checking that if it exists.

If the email is received by your third party account, try performing your email test on Litmus again. If after a couple of tries it's still not coming through, email us and we can look into our logs and find out whether it arrived, and if anything at our end is causing the delay.

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