Share an analytics report from Litmus

If you would like to share an Email Analytics report for an individual tracking code with your team or clients, you can easily create a published URL that shows your results. This report is read-only and will not grant others access to your Litmus account.

To create a published URL, click on the Share button or link on the upper right side of your report. If you would like to share the results of more than one email with your team members, create and share a custom report.

Share Analytics Report - New Litmus

Click the option to Make this test public to generate a published URL that you can share with your team or clients.

Generate public link

You may deactivate a published URL at any time by toggling the Make this test public button, which will remove the URL. The URL will be different if you re-publish the reports in the future.

Please note that if you delete a campaign, you will no longer have access to the published URL for your campaign report. Your account must also be on an active subscription in order to use a published URL.

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