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Did you make an update to your email and want to re-test it? It's easy to re-test within both Builder and Checklist.

Retesting In Builder (If you Submitted an HTML Test)

1. From the Builder view, Save your HTML changes by hitting cmd + S (Mac), ctrl + S (PC), or using the File > Save menu:

Builder save

2. Once you save, click on "Run Email Previews" to see your updates reflected in email previews.

Run previews builder></p><p>
	 Retesting In Checklist (If you sent an email to your 
	<a href=Litmus Test Address)

To retest an email, click the green Retest button within the Checklist. This will open up the retest modal which will provide a unique test email to send the email to. Once we've received the email a new Checklist will be generated automatically.

Users can switch between the different versions by clicking on the Version link (next to the Retest button) and select the version they wish to view.

Note: Only the latest version of a Checklist can be published/shared.

New version Checklist

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