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Launched by Google in 2015, the Accelerated Mobile Pages Project (AMP) is an open-source technology designed to improve the performance of web content, in particular on mobile devices. Launching AMP for Email support on March 26, 2019, Gmail became the first email client to support AMP.

Gmail requires a separate MIME-type for the AMP version of the email: text-x-amphtml. Using MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail Extensions) in email is nothing new. It’s been used in the email world to bundle together a plain-text version of your email along with the HTML version. For AMP-powered emails to work in Gmail, you’ll have to add a third MIME-type to your email.

You can learn more about the benefits of AMP for Email and which Google email clients support AMP on Google’s blog: Building the future of email with AMP.

How can you preview your AMP emails in Litmus?

Litmus offers AMP for Email support in the following Email Previews in the Previews & QA tab:

  • Gmail (Chrome, Firefox)
  • G Suite (Chrome, Firefox)

For these Email Previews, Litmus will display the first frame of the AMP email interactivity, but not subsequent states or screenshots. This will help AMP for Email senders ensure that the default open state of the email is working in Gmail. It only will work if you email in your test. Copying/pasting your code to start the email test will not work for AMP.

Note that AMP for Email is not supported in Gmail (Edge) or G Suite (Edge): AMP for Email supported platforms.

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