Using Litmus with Oracle Responsys

Every minute matters when it comes to creating great email. Litmus integrates with Responsys to let you test emails—including those with personalized, dynamic content—without manually copying and pasting code between tools, saving time and streamlining your email workflow. 

NOTE: The Litmus Responsys integration is available on Enterprise plans only.

This guide will help you start taking advantage of the Litmus integration designed exclusively to help Responsys users improve their workflow. Choose an option below to learn more and get started: 

Test emails (including those with dynamic content) with Litmus Extension

The Litmus Extension in the Google Chrome browser can be used to easily test emails—including those with dynamic content—as you build in Responsys, eliminating the hassle of switching between tools. First, install the Litmus Extension. Then, follow these instructions to easily test different versions of personalized content within Responsys.

GIF of how to test emails in Responsys using Litmus Extension

Learn more about dynamic testing with Litmus Extension →

NOTE: The Litmus Extension is built to work on specific instances of Responsys. Specifically, instances associated to Responsys Interact 2, which will be present in your account url as

Use insights from Litmus Email Analytics alongside those from Responsys

Litmus Email Analytics gives you the insights that matter most so you can understand what content, segmentation, and calls-to-action work best. 

To get the best insight into your email marketing: 

Screenshot of Litmus Email Analytics

Get started with Litmus Email Analytics →

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