Builder FAQs

Frequently asked questions about using Litmus Builder

Can my teammates use Builder?

All Builder projects can be accessed by Account Holders, Admins, and Full Users under the same account. Read-only users will only have access to create, edit, and manage their own individual Builder projects.

Are snippets and templates individual to a user?

All snippets and templates are account-based. Users in the same account will see the same snippets and templates inside of Builder.

What service are you using to send email tests?

Builder uses Mandrill to send tests both to Litmus and to email addresses.

Does Builder have an API?

No, Builder does not currently have an API at this time.

Do you have webpage testing in Builder?

No, Builder does not currently support webpage testing.

Does Builder have support for preprocessing languages (Haml, Sass, etc.)?

No, Builder does not support preprocessing languages currently. It only supports HTML and CSS at the moment.

I can’t seem to test in Builder. Why?

In order to test in Builder, you must be a Litmus customer. Testing is a premium feature. If you are a Litmus customer and are experiencing issues, please email our support team.

A portion of my code is highlighted in magenta. Why?

The color indicates that there is a problem in the highlighted code. There may be a missing a closing character. e.g. ", ', < or >

Does Builder support web fonts and imports?

Yes, Builder can support web fonts with HTTPS addresses, but cannot support HTTP links. You'll need to have SSL configured for the HTTPS links. This is necessary if you want to use the <link> or @import options, otherwise, try using the @font-face method.

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