Visual Editor in Litmus Builder

Our codeless Visual Editor works with any HTML and doesn’t require any lengthy set up or special syntax to learn. Start with a template or an existing email, and then we’ll automatically enable codeless editing. You can even restrict certain content from being edited, such as your header and footer.

Part 1

Part 2

  • Edit text
  • Replace images
  • Edit background images and colors
  • Update links
  • Edit subject line and preview text

Part 3

  • Moving, duplicating, and removing elements
  • Saving, undoing, and redoing changes
  • Non-editable content
  • Create a template

Start a new email

There are a number of ways to start a new email:

  • From Home, select Start building in Build your email or Create new in your emails panel
  • From BuildStart building in Build a new email or Create new in your emails panel
  • From any folder view, use New Email in the upper right corner

Give your email a name and select  Pick a template. Next, choose a template from your library to start building with it.

Three options for starting a new email

Change your template

Once you're in the editor, you have several controls above your editing pane. To change your template, select the Templates button. Your template library will open and you can choose any other template you prefer.

Note: Switching templates will overwrite your work. Be sure to Save before switching templates if you want to keep any changes.

Copy or import an existing email

While templates are the easiest way to get started building in the visual editor, there are other options available:

  • Duplicate a previous email: while we encourage using templates instead of copying old emails, if you have an email you want to use as your starting point, search or navigate to it in your folders and then use the Duplicate option to create a copy.
  • Paste HTML into the code editor: if you have the HTML you want to work with, you can switch to Code editing mode and paste it in. Then, just switch back to Visual mode to start making edits.
  • Import HTML from cloud storage: you also have the option of importing any .html file stored in your Dropbox, Google Drive, or Microsoft OneDrive accounts. To access this option, create a new email, give it a name, and then select your storage provider:

Build an email

To use the visual editor in Litmus Builder, make sure to toggle the editing mode from Code to Visual. Builder will remember this preference in future sessions, so you’ll always start in your preferred editing mode.

The visual editor is organized in a simple, intuitive side-by-side experience: on the left side will be your editing tools. On the right side is the preview pane. Simply click on elements in the preview pane to select them, and use the editor pane on the left to edit content. Read on for more information on how to edit different types of content.

visual editor

Insert drag-and-drop modules

Once you've chosen a template, you can add new content to your email via drag-and-drop. For more details on using the drag-and-drop editor, read this article.

Note: Drag-and-drop editing is only available with Litmus Enterprise plans.

drag-and-drop modules

Edit text

To edit text content in your email, click on the content you wish to change in the preview pane, then use the rich text editor on the left to make edits. The rich text editor supports bold and italic formatting, editing font color, as well as the ability to add, update, or remove links from text.

editing text

If you're on a Litmus Enterprise plan, you can also define your brand's colors in the Design Library and use them when editing text.

color selection

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