Litmus Builder guides

Litmus Builder is an email editor specifically built for email design and development. All emails in Litmus will have a Builder view for design, code editing, visual editing, and testing. 

Builder has a number of unique features to help you streamline the email creation process: 

  • Get previews of your email in popular email clients while you're building.
  • Utilize reusable code snippets and partials
  • Autocomplete for CSS and images
  • Pre-tested templates
  • Sync with email service providers (Available on Plus and Enterprise plans)

Use our collection of Builder-related help documentation below:

Getting Started with Litmus Builder

  • Save, rename, and duplicate an email
  • View and restore previous versions of an email
  • Download, share, and send test emails

Code Editor

  • Using the HTML and CSS tabs
  • Navigating the code editor
  • Customizing the code editor

Visual Editor

  • Selecting a template
  • Inserting drag-and-drop modules
  • Editing text, images, and links
  • Editing subject line and preview text

Preview Pane

  • Browser view overview
  • Browser view display options
  • Email Previews overview
  • Email preview display options
  • QA Checks


  • Changing the Code editor theme and font size
  • CSS inliner
  • Auto-complete, close tags, and soft wrapping
  • Setting indentation preferences

ESP sync integrations

  • ESP sync overview
  • Available ESPs and instructions

Frequently Asked Questions

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