Add a Billing Manager to my Litmus account

If you have a billing team that needs access to your Litmus invoices, you have the option to add a Billing Manager to your Litmus account. This role can access payment and invoice information and does not count toward any user limits on your account!

Billing manager role capabilities

The Billing Manager can:

  • Set a billing contact in Invoices & Billing to receive receipts directly via email
  • View and download invoices from Invoices & Billing
  • Edit billing preferences to update payment information in Your Plan

Add billing manager in Litmus

NOTE: For Enterprise accounts, Billing Managers will need to be set in the Parent account. They are unable to update payment information in Enterprise accounts as that permission is restricted to the Account Holder

Select Users & Groups in your Enterprise account or Team in your Plus or Basic account to add a new user. Enter an email address and name, then scroll down to select the Billing Manger radio button.

Add user window in Litmus settings

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