How to add users to your account

Users can be added, edited, or deleted by either the Account Holder or a user with Admin rights within the Team area of your account settings. To access it, click on your account name in the top right-hand corner of Litmus and then Settings. 

Please note: Only accounts with an active subscription will be able to add new users. 

If you are on an active  Basic or Plus plan, click on Team as shown here: 

If you are on an active Enterprise plan, click on Users & Groups, as shown here:

Next, click on the "Add a new user" button. If you'd like to edit a user's account (or delete) use the icons to the right of the name you'd like to edit. New users will receive a confirmation email once they have been added to the account. 

For more information on the different user privileges and roles see our help article here.

Sharing Results vs. Adding Users:
 If you simply want to share your results with a colleague or client/customer, you can create a published page for your test result instead of creating a read-only user. There is no limitation on the number of published results pages you can have - where your results are shared at a public URL - on any of our paid subscription plans. We have guides for publishing tests results and publishing Email Analytics reports.

Transferring the Account Holder:
 If you would like to make another member of your team the Account Holder, click the Transfer Ownership link and select the user from the dropdown. 

Transfer Ownership

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