Using Litmus with Klaviyo

The Litmus Extension in the Google Chrome browser integrates with Klaviyo's new editor to let you test emails, including those with personalized, dynamic content. No need for manually copying and pasting code between tools, saving time and streamlining your email workflow.

NOTE: Litmus Extension for Klaviyo is available on Plus and Enterprise plans.

Get started

First, install the Litmus Extension. You can then use the Litmus extension in Klaviyo when editing or previewing emails in the Campaigns or Flows area of Klaviyo.

NOTE: You must switch to the new template editor in Klaviyo. The classic editor is not supported.

Using the Litmus Extension in Klaviyo

  1. In Klaviyo, navigate to a campaign.
  2. Select Edit email.
    a campaign in Klaviyo displaying the "Edit email" button
  3. Select Preview and Test  image of a template open in Klaviyo with the "Preview and Test" button displayed
  4. On the Preview screen, you can preview a profile and test personalization and dynamic content. the klaviyo content editor with the preview page open
  5. In the Preview and Test view, click the Chrome extension in your browser to open the Litmus sidebar the litmus extension icon displayed in a chrome browser
  6. In the sidebar, view email previews across your default list of clients and devices configured within your Litmus account, and other key elements of a Litmus test such as link functionality check, analytics tracking code inclusion, image blocking, and loading speed. Click on any preview thumbnail to view the full-sized preview. 
  7. Use the Open in Litmus button at the bottom of the sidebar to view the email in the Litmus platform, run a complete and thorough pre-send Litmus Test, and take advantage of additional collaboration and email analysis tools.

Video overview: Litmus extension in Klaviyo

Limitations of Litmus extension in Klaviyo

  • The extension cannot be used when: 
    • Using the classic editor to edit emails or templates.
    • Previewing a campaign that was created from the "Build from HTML"  view in the New Content Editor.
    • Previewing Templates from the Templates section in Klaviyo
  • Subject line and preview text are not possible to test in the extension, and will appear as "untitled" or blank in Litmus
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