QA Checks tab in Litmus Builder

With the QA Checks tab in Builder, you can quickly run checks for First Impressions, Accessibility, Links, Tracking, and Loading Speed.

You can access this tab at any time while viewing the Code Editor in Builder. The QA Checks tab is located in the preview pane, to the right of the Email Previews tab. 

QA Checks tab open in Builder

⚠️  Note: The QA Checks tab is not available in the Visual Editor view.

First Impressions

In the First Impressions section, you’ll find a check for your preview text. If we detect any errors in these categories, we'll suggest a fix for you. Otherwise, you'll see a green checkmark.


The Accessibility section will check your email with 6 accessibility best practices and identify any areas of code that need attention. This includes checks for Alt-Text, Content Type, Language Type, Table Roles, Text Justification, and Heading Hierarchy. You'll find guidance on how to fix your HTML to create more accessible emails for all subscribers. 

Litmus is the only platform that allows you to listen to an audio recording of your email and download a transcript to understand how a screen reader would relay it to a subscriber using that assistive technology.


In the Links sections, your links will be checked to ensure they are working correctly. You'll be able to see your link text and path for each URL. 

Our check is comprehensive and includes a visual preview of the link, and running the link against the Google Safe Browsing database to check for suspected phishing and malware pages, and verifying that click-throughs are being tracked.


The Tracking section will ensure that your clickthroughs are being tracked by your ESP and/or Google Analytics. We'll also let you know if a Litmus tracking code was included in your email, with a button to quickly create a new tracking code. 

Loading Speed

Loading Speed Check will show you how many images are in your email, the total size of all of the images included in your email, and of course, the total time it takes for all the images in your email to load. You can also see the size of each individual image and how long each took to load. We’ll also identify any broken images with a red X and you can click through to see each one.

Continue to QA with a test email

Email Service Providers (ESPs) can change/alter your HTML template before your final send. In Builder, Litmus does not alter your HTML code, so you may see a difference in your QA checks between an HTML-uploaded copy versus what you see on your ESP's sent copy.

When you are ready for final QA checks before your send, we highly recommend sending in your email directly from your ESP to your unique test address to review the complete pre-send checklist in your Previews & QA tab

If you send in your email directly from your ESP, you will see exactly what your subscribers see when they receive your campaign. Additional checks, including an expanded First Impressions section with checks for Subject Line, from name, and reply-to address are available in this tab. You can easily send in an email test to Litmus from your ESP by using your unique Litmus test address.

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