Personalize with Instagram feeds

Automatically pull your latest Instagram posts into your email with Litmus Personalize's Instagram feeds! Keep email content up-to-date and fresh. With each open, your email can display your latest Instagram posts automatically, reducing time and resources needed to pause and update the content in your lifecycle campaigns.

Get connected

Have your Instagram login information available before you get started. Your company's account administrator can provide the information if you don't have it already. Start in the Personalize top menu link and select Get started in the Instagram feeds option.

Choose the blue Connect button in the upper right corner of the Customize pane. Enter your Instagram account credentials, then save your information. You'll see connected to (your account) in the Customize pane and you'll have access to your Instagram content!

You can connect your Instagram account to as many individual Personalize feed items as you'd like!

NOTE: You can connect any Instagram feed widget to any IG account as long as you have login information. Each IG account can have multiple widgets but each widget can only connect to one account.

connect button in upper right corner of customize pane

Create your Instagram widget

Your Instagram feed widget will collect your most recent posts. Use the customization pane to display from 2 to 9 posts in your email.

Layout options start with two side by side images and include variations up to a 3 x 3 image display. You can style the background color and frame elements, including a radius setting to round out your images, as well as controls adjusting your grid gap and overall margin.

NOTE: Your Instagram feed image may not exactly match your Instagram account grid, especially if you have pinned or collaboration posts. Instagram posts are presented in the most recent order, regardless of their pinned status. Collab posts only appear if you are the original owner of the content, also in the most recent order.

When you're ready, select the green Next button in the upper right to preview your social feed image. If a subscriber clicks anywhere on the feed image, they'll be taken to your Instagram account. You can go back to edit more or choose the Next button to save your widget and get your HTML.

instagram preview page

Select the Copy HTML button to place your code in your email right away or choose Done in the upper right corner to save your Instagram feed for future use. All your Instagram feed widgets are saved in the Instagram feeds menu item of your Personalize page in Litmus.

final page with the email code for your instagram feed to copy and use

Disconnect your Instagram account

To disconnect your Instagram account from the current feed item, select the Disconnect button in the upper right corner of the customization pane. You can choose to connect a different Instagram account so you don't have to rebuild it - just switch its source! Your Instagram account is still connected to Litmus, just not that particular feed item.

disconnect button in upper right corner of customize pane

NOTE: If you disconnect your Instagram account in any Personalize item, Litmus will continue to share updated content so subscribers will not experience disruption in any existing emails.

To deauthorize Litmus from Instagram, please visit your Instagram account settings and remove Litmus from your third party apps. Instagram content will no longer update in your existing emails and will not be available for future personalized emails so please proceed with caution!


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