Scratch-offs are interactive images that can be used to reveal an image to your subscribers when they “scratch” a cover image on a custom landing page. Transform promotional offers and product reveals into fun, engaging brand experiences that prompt subscribers to take action to unveil their surprise. Create a sense of intrigue and exclusivity with a custom scratch-off!

NOTE: Scratch-offs are available on Enterprise plans.

Create a scratch-off

Scratch-offs are located in the Personalize section of the Litmus platform. Start from the Overview page of the Personalize tab to find the Scratch-offs templates. Or select the Scratch-offs link in the left menu where you can create a new scratch-off from a template or find any you've already created. Select New scratch-off in the upper right corner.

scratch-offs section with new scratch-off button indicated

This will open the Design step for your new template. Here, you can customize the three elements of a scratch-off: cover image, reveal image, and landing page.

Cover image

The first element of a scratch-off is the cover image. This is the image or text that displays by default before the scratch-off is “scratched.” This is what will display in the email as well as the default image on the landing page once a subscriber selects the scratch-off.

new scratch-off editor with cover image editing options open

When creating a cover image, you can choose to design your own or upload an image. 

If you are designing your cover image, you can use the customization menu on the right to select background color, text color, text content, font, and font size.

If you are uploading an image, select Upload your own and then Upload cover image. You will then be prompted to upload and crop your image to fit the template.

cover image editor with upload your own image selected

Reveal image

The next element of a scratch-off is the reveal image. This is what will display once the user has “scratched” the cover image. Reveal images will only display on the landing page.

As with the cover image, you may choose to design your own or upload an image. As above, you’ll be able to select background color, text color, text content, font family, and font size using the menu on the right. Uploading an image also works the same way here as in the cover image—select this option to upload and crop your image to fit the template.

Landing page

Once your cover and reveal images are configured, they will be pre-populated in the landing page. You can customize the landing page background color, button styling and URL, as well as add and style an optional custom message using the options on the right.

NOTE: You must add a valid button URL to proceed.

An interactive preview of your landing page appears below the cover and revealed images on the left, allowing you to test your scratch-off as you design it.

animation of scratch-off preview with cover image being scratched off to show reveal image

Test and generate your tag

Once the elements of your scratch-off are set, select Preview your scratch-off to test the flow and functionality of the button and landing page.

scratch-off preview

When you have confirmed your scratch-off is set up and ready, select Save and get HTML to generate your tag! You can copy the tag using the button below the text box, and your new scratch-off will appear in the Scratch-offs section of the Personalize tab in your account.

Add a Scratch-off to your email

To add a scratch-off to your email, simply copy the HTML tag for your scratch-off and add it to your email's code. You can quickly copy the tag by hovering over the scratch-off’s's thumbnail and selecting Copy HTML.

scratch-offs section with copy html button displayed over a template thumbnail

The tag itself can be added to your code the same as you would add any other link.

You can also add a scratch-off with Visual Editor in Litmus Builder using the image link and landing page link from the HTML code rather than the entire tag. Copy the image link and add it in Visual Editor to replace a placeholder image with your scratch-off, then add the landing page link to the image.

scratch-off tag with image and landing page links highlighted

Impression usage

Scratch-offs may register one or three impressions. Each scratch-off will register one impression when the email is opened, and two when the subscriber clicks through to the landing page even if the scratch-off is not revealed.

NOTE: Impressions usage limits vary based on your subscription. Learn more about usage limits and how impressions are counted to make sure you understand how your tag will impact your usage!


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