Impressions and how they are counted

Litmus Personalize usage is tracked with Impressions. An impression is counted any time your Litmus Personalize image is loaded in an email client.

For example, when you send an email with a countdown timer, an impression will be counted when a subscriber opens your email and their email client loads the image.

Below, find more information on Impression limits and usage.

Impression limits by subscription

Depending on your subscription level, your plan will include a set monthly limit on impressions:

  • Basic offers up to 5,000 impressions per month
  • Plus offers up to 50,000 impressions per month
  • Enterprise offers up to 100,000 impressions per month

If you need more impressions monthly, please contact us to learn more about Litmus Personalize Pro customization options!

When your impression limit is reached, any images you have already sent will continue to work, but you will no longer be able to access the HTML of new or existing images in Litmus. You may still create new images for future use.

NOTE: There is no overage charge for impressions, and no option to purchase more impressions on your existing plan. If you need more impressions, you can upgrade your plan to access a higher monthly limit.

Tracking impression usage

You can track your monthly impression usage with the chart on the Usage page of your account settings:

Usage tab with impressions usage chart displayed

This chart displays your monthly usage and indicates your specific plan limit. If an active image used impressions after you have reached your monthly limit, this is indicated in red.

NOTE: Usage is tracked using your billing date rather than the calendar month. For example, if you were billed on the 17th of April, you will see a usage column labeled "Apr 17 - May 16".

Litmus will also notify you as you approach your impressions limit. An in-app banner will alert you when:

  • 500 impressions are recorded
  • You reach 80% of your total impression limit
  • You reach 100% of your limit

three banner notifications, one each for 500 impressions used, 80%, and 100% of impressions used

You'll also see a notification when your limit resets and you're ready to send more images!

banner notification for monthly impression limit reset

Impression usage per widget type

Each widget uses a specific number of impressions per view:

Apple Mail Privacy Protection (MPP) and impressions

Apple Mail Privacy Protection is a privacy feature used in Apple mobile and desktop clients. When an email is sent to an inbox with MPP enabled, email images are automatically downloaded and cached. The cached images are then displayed when the email is opened.

Currently, the following widgets are impacted by MPP:

  • Countdown timers will be collapsed and will not display
  • Sentiment trackers will display the percentages as they were at the time of send

When an image is cached, Litmus detects a "view" and an impression is counted.


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