Add-to-calendar guide

Make it easy for subscribers to show up for your brand’s most momentous events with the Add-to-calendar capability in Litmus Personalize. With just a few clicks, you can create custom add-to-calendar links that let subscribers take action directly from your email.

Add-to-calendar supports Apple, Outlook, Google, and Yahoo calendars, as well as any calendar that accepts .ics files.

Create the Add-to-calendar button

Start in your Personalized content tab and select Add-to-calendar from the left menu options or the Add-to-calendar image option button.

litmus personalized content main page

litmus personalize add to calendar setup

Configure options

Set up your button with details about your event. Required items are:

  • Event title
  • Start date and time
  • End date and time (unless All-day event selected)

Optional items include:

  • Event description
  • Location

NOTE: Please verify your event Timezone to ensure your recipients' calendar event adjusts properly for their location.

Button styling

Adjust the width, height, background color, font face, text color, and button border color. You can include calendar links for all the major providers or toggle off that option.

animation showing configure menu options and button styling options

Add a custom TTF font

If you would like to use a custom font, you can upload a font file (TTF font files are supported). In the Button styling section, select the Upload font link above the font selection dropdown.

NOTE: Your custom font name will appear in the list with the same file name you upload.

Once your font has been uploaded, you can select it from the Font dropdown. Your uploaded font will be available in the Custom fonts section of the list and will be available to use in any other widget that has custom font capability.

Preview and finish

Once your button is set up, select the Copy HTML button to use the code right away in your email or Done to finish. The button code will be available in your Add-to-calendar library.

Append customization parameters

Add-to-calendar widgets can be appended with code formats to customize the information they display. Use any of the following options with your finished add-to-calendar widget. You can combine the options for the perfect calendar event!

URL parameter

Calendar event detail

Example URL


Title of the event (event summary, subject)
28ip3/ics?tl=New Event Title


Starting date & time


Ending date & time


Description of the event (event body)
28ip3/ics?des=Different description of the event


Location of the event (e.g. address or link)


Whether the event is an "all day" event or not

Combine multiple parameters

Multiple parameters can be combined to update multiple event details, e.g. setting both the title tl and the all-day ad parameters. Add an ampersand & between parameters.

All event details can be recreated by including a value for each of the available parameters.

Custom date format

You can append your completed calendar button code to different date formats. This requires manually editing the code to include a date/time parameter. Delete code after your designated times and append with a formatted time parameter.

Calendar option examples

Event details are supported for the following calendar types.

URL path

Calendar type and action

Example URL


ICS file download
28ip3/ics?tl=New Event Title


Google Calendar generated URL
28ip3/google?tl=New Event Title


Outlook Calendar generated URL
28ip3/outlook?tl=New Event Title


Yahoo Calendar generated URL
28ip3/yahoo?tl=New Event Title

Impression usage

Add-to-calendar is a single image so any time one is loaded, it will count as one impression.

NOTE: Impressions usage limits vary based on your subscription. Learn more about usage limits and how impressions are counted to make sure you understand how your tag will impact your


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