Spam test using an ESP connection

Connecting your ESP to Litmus makes it fast and easy to start a spam test. Select the draft email to test and Litmus will automatically use your ESP connection to get your email scanned across 25+ different deliverability tests and blocklists.

Available ESP Integrations for spam testing

Plus & Pro plans Enterprise plans Not supported
Mailchimp Mailchimp Acoustic Campaign
Campaign Monitor Campaign Monitor HubSpot
  Salesforce Marketing Cloud  

Connect your ESP

Connect your ESP to Litmus in your account settings. Each ESP connection is custom built to the service provider's specifications so there may be some special steps depending on which you choose. You can connect multiple ESPs to your Litmus account, even more than one of the same service. Once you complete the sync setup for each of them, you'll be able to select the version you need for any of your emails.

Start a spam test

Litmus top banner with View and create spam tests circled

  1. Starting in the Test top menu link, select View and create spam tests in the banner.
  2. If this is your first test, you'll see the spam test selection window. Otherwise, use the green Start a new spam test button in the upper right corner.
  3. Choose the Pull from your ESP option and then select your ESP from the connected providers in the dropdown.
  4. Find your email in the list of your most recent drafts or you can use the search box to find it. Then use the Start your spam test button in the lower right corner.
  5. Your test results will automatically begin to start populating. Litmus uses your ESP to send your email to 25+ spam services to assess issues that may lower your deliverability rates.

Animation showing spam testing from ESP sync with a Mailchimp email example

Previews & QA spam check

Litmus also provides an abbreviated spam test in your Previews & QA tab. This check focuses on authentication records and other main email components that can affect your email deliverability.

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