Manage email service provider (ESP) connections

Manage ESPs in Litmus settings lets you connect Litmus and your email service providers (ESPs) to automate the saving of email content and easily run a Spam Test on your draft emails. This saves you from having to copy and paste content between Litmus and your ESP.

NOTE: Manage ESPs in Litmus Settings is available for Plus and Enterprise plans. Full users, Admins, and Account Holders can access this item.

Available ESP options

ESPs for Builder sync ESPs for spam testing
Mailchimp - Plus and Enterprise Mailchimp - Plus and Enterprise
Campaign Monitor - Plus and Enterprise Campaign Monitor - Plus and Enterprise
Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Enterprise Salesforce Marketing Cloud - Enterprise
Acoustic Campaign - Enterprise Eloqua - Enterprise
Eloqua - Enterprise Marketo - Enterprise
Marketo - Enterprise
HubSpot - Enterprise

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Add ESP connections

To add an ESP connection for Mailchimp, Campaign Monitor, Eloqua or HubSpot:

  1. Select Add a new ESP to connect your ESP to your Litmus account.
  2. A new tab will open that asks for your credentials to your ESP.
  3. Once you enter your credentials for your ESP, you will be able to use your ESP connection in either Builder, Spam Testing, or both.
  4. You can create an ESP connection for each login you have for multiple connections to a single ESP!
  5. The Manage ESPs page will display which service the ESP connection works with.

To add an ESP connection for Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, or Acoustic Campaign, please refer to the following articles:

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Delete ESP connections

To delete an ESP connection:

  1. Select the trash can icon on the Manage ESPs page for the connected ESP account.
  2. Choose OK.

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Name your ESP connections

You can give each ESP connection a customized nickname to help you stay organized as you work across multiple providers or business units. 
  1. Navigate to the Manage ESPs page and hover over Add Nickname in the Nicknames column. 
  2. Select the pencil icon to add a custom nickname. 
  3. Use the check icon to save your nickname. It will now automatically display in all locations where ESP Sync is utilized.


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