Unusual behavior on your Litmus account

Unusual behaviour on your account

Your Litmus account is a hub for collaboration across the entire email creative process—and protecting that process is a top priority for you and for Litmus. Litmus carefully monitors the login actions of all of our users to detect any unauthorized access.

If our algorithms identify a user’s login behavior repeatedly differs from the normal/average Litmus user’s behavior that we record, an alert will trigger and the user will see the unusual behavior message (see screenshot above) next time they attempt to log in.

What does ‘unusual behavior’ mean?

The sorts of activity that can trigger an alert of unusual behavior include:

  • Repeat failed login attempts
  • Changing internet service provider
  • Access from a new city
  • Connecting from a VPN
  • Multiple successful logins within a short period
  • Sequence/frequency of these events occurring

Can I continue to use Litmus if I have received this alert?

Yes, but you will need to take action to address the security risk to your account.

How do I address and resolve this?

There are two courses of action that a user can take to resolve the alert message:

  1. Ensure you have your own unique Litmus login
  2. Enable two-step verification

1. Ensure you have your own unique Litmus login

If there are multiple people using the same login details to access Litmus, this behavior (regular signing in from different computers, different locations, etc.) will cause the unusual behavior security alert to trigger.

To ensure that your account is protected—and that you’re getting the optimal use out of your Litmus account—each user on your account will need their own Litmus login. If you’re an Account Holder or Admin, you can simply add new users to your account via the link in the alert to ensure that each user has their own unique login. Full Users and Read-Only Users should reach out to their Account Holder for assistance.

What if my plan won’t let me add more users?

If you’ve already reached your plan’s user allowance, Account Holders and Admins will be prompted to upgrade to the next plan type. Alternatively, they can remove existing users to free up seats before adding new users.

Full Users and Read-Only Users will be prompted to reach out to their Account Holder.

2. Enable two-step verification

Enabling two-step verification will improve the security of your account and in doing so will address the perceived security risk posed to your login details. Learn more about two-step verification.

Are there any other actions I can take to make my account more secure and prevent seeing the message again?

Completing any of the above actions will resolve the security alert. Each user should have their own unique login with two-step verification enabled.

Have any additional questions?

If after taking one of the proposed steps above, (enabling two-step verification and ensuring each user on the account has their own unique login) you are still seeing the ‘unusual behavior’ security message, please contact Litmus Support (hello@litmus.com) and our friendly support team will be happy to assist.

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