Change your account information

You can update a great deal of your account information in Litmus settings or by connecting with our support team.

Email address change

Select Profile from the left menu in Settings. Update your email address on this page, as well as your name and company information if you wish.

Scroll down to the green Save profile button in the lower right corner to finalize your changes.

Password change

Select Account from the left menu in Settings. Enter your new password in the initial entry and confirmation fields, and then select the Save password button to save your change.

If you are unable to sign in, use the Forgot password? link on the login screen to activate a password recovery email.

Account name

Select Account from the left menu in Settings. Choose the Change your account name link. Enter the new name in the popup window and then select the Update name button to save your change.

Account option in Litmus settings with change your account name link circled

Billing information

If your account is paid by invoice, please contact our support team to have your billing address updated.

For accounts paid by credit card, select Your Plan in the left menu in your Settings. Use the Edit payment information link to enter your new payment information in the edit pane. Select the green Update button in the lower right to save your changes.

Your Plan screen in Litmus settings with Edit payment info link circled


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