Email images not loading in previews

Sometimes you may not see your email images appear in your previews, ranging from hosting to load speed.

Linking to locally hosted images

Litmus does not provide image hosting, and your images will need to be either hosted on your server or through your Email Service Provider. You may want to check your email's HTML to make sure that you are not using local image links. If your image links are pointing to locally hosted images, then you will want to update these links to your hosted image URLs and then submit a retest.

Images stored within a testing environment or behind a firewall

If your images are hosted within a testing environment or behind a firewall, you can allow requests based on our user agent. We do not use static IPs for our asset retrieval, so allowing a single IP address or range of addresses would likely be ineffective. 

When we download preview images, we always pass a user agent along that contains X-Litmus-Image-Check. Many firewalls have the ability to allow requests based on user-agent strings. It's the recommended option as this will be consistent and won't change, unlike IPs.

Partially loaded images within your results

If you see images that have partially loaded or have an email result with one or two unloaded images, you may want to run a recapture for this result. This can be done by clicking on the result and then using the keyboard shortcut 'R' to generate a new screenshot or by using the Recapture image button in Previews & QA under the specific client. This will usually resolve any partially loaded images within your email.


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