Changing the expiration date for a tracking code

You can edit the expiration date for your tracking code while you're creating it or at any point before it has expired. 

Change the expiration date of a new tracking code

In Step 2 of the tracking code creation process, click the date and use the calendar to select your desired expiration date.

Change the expiration date of an existing tracking code

Unused Tracking Code

Click "Edit tracking code" on the Overview page of any "Draft" tracking code to open the Tracking Code configuration dialog.

Unused TC - Update Exp Date

Click on the current expiration date and choose a new date from the calendar and click "Update your tracking code".

Edit TC - Update Exp Date

Active Tracking Code

Changes to "Active" tracking codes can be made directly within the Overview page of your tracking code.

Click on the current end date and you will see the option to select a new date on the calendar. You will only be able to extend your tracking code if your campaign had been activated in step 3 of the setup process and has not expired.


Expiration dates can be extended to any future date in advance. You can also end a campaign early by selecting today's date. This will end your campaign immediately.

Once you have selected your new expiration date, you will see the new date at the top of the summary page.

Please note that if you cancel your subscription or downgrade from Plus or Premium to Basic, your tracking will expire for your campaign at the end of your current billing period. Your tracking code will continue to track as long as you are on an active, paid subscription.

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