Proof approvals

The Approvals feature helps reviewers indicate their approval of a Proof. Approvals are visible to all users, enabling the Proof owner to see at a glance who has approved the Proof.

Using the Proof approvals feature

To begin tracking Approvals, you first need to share your Proof.  Either invite users or groups to your email or create a public link for sharing. Once shared, your reviewers will see the Approval button when they review. 

Approving a Proof

Reviewers can simply click the Approve button to approve. If you didn’t mean to approve, click “undo”. Once approved, the Approvals tab will display your approval and when you approved it. 

Approvals tab

Managing Approvals

All Proof reviewers can see the approvals button on their Proof.  

Note: users who are not logged in will still need to provide an email address when approving from a public Proof share link. This ensures that every approval is traceable to a user on your account.

approve button

The creator of the email will get a notification when any person presses "Approve".

approval notification

You can track Approvals in the folder view. Note that Approval counts will be blank and not appear until you share your email from the Proof tab.  

approvals folder view

To see who has approved an email from a folder view, simply hover your cursor over the approvals icon (the green check). You will see the name and timestamp of any users that have approved the email.

approval history folder view

Within the Proof view, you can see who has approved this email so far. 

Approval history proof view

Which user roles have access to the Proof approvals feature?

All users can approve. Each approval is displayed separately.

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