Using Litmus with Marketo

The Litmus integration with Marketo lets you build and test emails without manually copying and pasting code between tools, saving time and streamlining your email workflow.

NOTE: Litmus Marketo integrations are available on Enterprise plans only.

Connect Litmus to Marketo

Connect Marketo to Litmus to automatically sync your code and assets while you build in Litmus Builder, easily import an email for final pre-send review and testing, and see an integrated view of the insights that matter most from both Marketo & Litmus. 

NOTE: You will need Administrative rights on your Marketo account to create the setup. Account Holders, Admins, and Full users can complete the sync in Litmus.

Step-by-step Marketo ESP Sync instructions

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Sync emails to Marketo from Litmus

From the Builder tab in your email project, choose Export, then Sync to ESP. Connect your Marketo instance or choose from connected ESPs. 

GIF of syncing an email from Litmus Builder to Marketo

NOTE: Syncing to Campaigns will use the From name and email address of the Litmus user who created the email. Please be aware that subsequent syncs and saves will continue to use these details and will overwrite any change made in Marketo. Syncing to Marketo Templates will not transfer this information.

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Import an email for final review and pre-send testing

Choose Create New on the home screen in Litmus. Select Test or Collaborate depending on whether you want to run automated pre-send tests or review your email in Litmus Proof. Select Next, then find Marketo in the drop-down menu. You can choose a specific Marketo folder if you wish!

GIF of syncing an email from Litmus Builder to Marketo

You can also start a Spam Test using ESP Sync. Click “Test” in the navigation bar, choose “View and create spam tests”, and click “Start a new Spam Test” in the upper right corner. Choose your ESP instance from the “Pull your email into Litmus” drop-down menu. 

GIF of starting a spam testing using ESP sync with Marketo

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Test as you build with Litmus Extension

The Litmus Extension in the Google Chrome browser can be used to easily test emails—including those with dynamic content—as you build in Marketo, eliminating the hassle of switching between tools. 

  1. Install the Litmus Extension
  2. Follow steps to test different versions of personalized content in Marketo

GIF of testing emails using Marketo and Litmus Extension

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Integrated insights from Litmus and Marketo

The Litmus Integrated Insights Report combines email performance data from your ESP with subscriber engagement data from Litmus into a single view. These combined powerful insights make it easier than ever to create more personalized experiences, optimize design and development, and improve campaign results. Email Performance Indicators automatically surface emails that are underperforming or overachieving with visual identifiers to demonstrate why. With suggested next steps automatically outlined for you, you can confidently forge ahead and focus on driving results. 

IMPORTANT: The Integrated Insights Report for Marketo and weekly digest leverage the Marketo Bulk Extract API, which has a daily limit of 500MB per day (Litmus will use a maximum of 250MB per day). If your Marketo account sends to more than 3 million recipients per month, your first Integrated Insights sync may take several days to complete. If you send to more than 15 million recipients per month, please contact our support team at before initiating the report.

Integrated Insights with Email Performance Indicators


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