Integrated Insights for Marketo

Litmus Integrated Insights for Marketo customers is now in Beta testing.  We are seeking customers to participate in a short 2-3 week beta test of our new Integrated Insights product.  Contact your account manager or email to participate. 

About Integrated Insights

Get powerful, holistic insights to optimize email campaigns and improve marketing effectiveness. The new Litmus Integrated Insights Report combines email performance data from your ESP with subscriber engagement data from Litmus in a single view, making it easier than ever to create more personalized experiences, optimize design and development, and improve campaign results.

Beta Requirements: 

  • Litmus Enterprise Plan.
  • Marketo customer sending about 100k emails per week or less (number of emails * number of recipients per week).
  • Be willing to spend some time with your admin or IT to set up Marketo ESP sync (see instructions here) and also provide written or verbal feedback on the feature. 

Benefits of participating

  • Ability to provide direct input on product features.
  • Early access to high-value insights on your email program. 
  • Increase the value of your ESP investment. 
  • Help other Marketo customers leverage Litmus.

Email us or contact your account manager to participate.

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