Adding Analytics tracking in Builder

Litmus Builder makes it easy to add analytics tracking to your email and links. This article explains how to automatically update all links in your email with a common set of UTM parameters and how to insert a Litmus tracking code for measuring engagement and gathering unique email client and geolocation data to help you discover useful insights about your subscriber behavior.

Adding UTM parameters to links in your email

If you are working in Builder's code editor, click Insert and then click UTM codes. If you are working in the visual editor, click Tracking and then click UTM Manager. This will open the UTM Manager dialog.

The UTM Manager will automatically detect and display any links in the email and group links by domain. You can easily select which links to apply the UTM tracking code to by checking or unchecking them. By default, all links are selected. To edit the tracking code, click the  Edit tracking code link which will bring up the text input field to edit the tracking code and click Update when finished editing. When finished, simply click Apply Code to save the tracking code to the selected links. The tracking code will automatically be applied in the Browser preview. You can grab the final HTML with tracking codes added in two ways.

  • First, you can click on Copy HTML in the Export menu. This will bring up a modal for you to click and copy the final HTML version of the email.
  • Second, you can download the entire email either via the keyboard shortcut command (Cmd+D on Mac or Ctrl+D on Windows) or by clicking on the Download HTML option in the Export menu. This will create a .zip download of the entire email, including an original HTML version, compiled HTML version, and images. The final compiled HTML version will be saved with the -compiled.html extension.

Adding a Litmus Email Analytics tracking code to your email

If you are working in Builder's code editor, click Insert and then click Litmus tracking. If you are working in the visual editor, click Tracking and then click Litmus tracking. This will open the Litmus Email Analytics dialog

From the Litmus Email Analytics dialog, you can create a new Litmus tracking code that you can insert right into your Builder email in the correct location. Creating the tracking code will also set up a new campaign in your Analytics section. If you already have a campaign created, you can also choose the  Use existing tracking code option and select it from the list.

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