Set up Integrated Insights

The Litmus Integrated Insights Report combines email performance data from your email service provider (ESP) with subscriber engagement data from Litmus in a single view, making it easier than ever to create more personalized experiences, optimize design and development, and improve campaign results.

NOTE: Litmus Integrated Insights is available on Litmus Enterprise plans only. Integrated Insights works with Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, and Eloqua ESPs.

Connect your ESP

Connect to Salesforce Marketing Cloud, Marketo, or Eloqua in the Analytics Overview window. Select the green Connect your ESP dropdown and choose your ESP.

analytics overview window with connect your esp button indicated

Each ESP has its own set of steps and you'll be guided through them with our accompanying resource.

NOTE: If you have multiple ESP instances, Integrated Insights will provide information for the primary connection only. Any secondary instances will not be included.

Generate your report

Once you finish your ESP connection, you'll be able to activate your Integrated Insights Report using the green Generate report button on your Analytics overview page.

analytics overview page with generate report button indicated

You'll see your Integrated Insights Report page with your ESP showing and a notification that the initial sync is pending. Once the sync updates, you'll see your data fill in! You can also access the report from the Insights Report link in the left menu.

Activate the digest

Select Insights Digest from the left menu to subscribe to a weekly email of your integrated insights data. You can invite team members to receive it as well! Users can unsubscribe from the digest at any time from this same menu option.

integrated insights digest showing subscribe and invite buttons


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