Set up email monitoring with Litmus Email Guardian

Email Guardian automatically scans your selected emails every 24 hours for unexpected issues caused by email client updates and other external factors and checks for broken links that affect your content. Email Guardian notifies you of any major changes that might impact your subscribers’ experience.

NOTE: We monitor your email for changes in the Chrome webmail clients for Gmail, Yahoo!, Outlook, and Outlook 365 Desktop. Monitor as many emails as you would like!

Start monitoring an email

You can start monitoring your emails in several ways. You can start from the Email Guardian block on your Litmus homepage, or toggle monitoring on or off in your Emails page, or start from the Monitor tab in your project.

litmus homepage with email guardian panel highlighted

From the Email Guardian dashboard, select any email to begin monitoring. If you already have emails being monitored, they will be listed on your dashboard in most recent order. Select the Monitor another email button in the right pane that launches a search box to find other emails to monitor.

email guardian dashboard with email selection modal and search box

Select an end date or stop monitoring

Emails are monitored for a maximum 2 years by default but you can customize the end date for every email you monitor. You can stop monitoring an email manually any time. Make these changes from the Email Guardian dashboard or from the Monitor tab of your project.

The Email Guardian dashboard shows all of your monitored emails. You can select the three-dot menu at the right of any email listed to Stop monitoring or Manage end date.

email guardian monitoring dashboard with dot menu expanded

When you select Manage end date, a calendar modal will appear for you to select a specific date or use one of the quick options on the left from 30 days to 2 years. You'll see the monitoring start date, end date, and total days monitoring.

calendar modal in email guardian

Start monitoring an email without Previews & QA

If your Previews &. QA tab has not been added for your email, you can still monitor the email!

email guardian monitoring selection modal

Litmus will automatically run a baseline set of previews.

email guardian confirmation modal

It might take up to 24 hours for monitoring to start.

Turn on email notifications

Once you have selected emails to monitor, you need to turn on notifications.

NOTE: Email monitoring notification permissions need to be turned on in each account or subaccount you wish to receive notifications from.

From the main Email Guardian screen, select Notifications to opt in to receive guardian emails.

email guardian notifications options

You can add other users to receive notifications with the Invite others button if you are an Admin or Account Holder.

notification invitation for users popup

Manage notifications in the Notifications tab of your account Settings.

Notifications settings with email guardian option highlighted

Notifications for individual emails

You can turn on notifications for individual emails, for yourself, or others by using the bell icon on the Email Guardian dashboard.

To do so, simply click the bell icon to the right and select the option you would like!

Opt out of email notifications

If someone invited you to email notifications, you can opt out of notifications in your account Settings page. Select Notifications in the left menu and uncheck the box for Email Guardian notifications.

Litmus account settings for notifications

You can also opt out of notifications on the main Email Guardian page

email guardian notifications window

Email Guardian alerts

NOTE: You may receive alerts for momentary issues caused by a provider's update that they reverted within the 24 hour Guardian cycle. In that case, you won't find any changes in your email even though you received an alert.

Impact found

When an impact is detected you will be alerted by email once the change is detected. We will alert you of each individual impact detected across your monitored emails.

Monthly Summary

The monthly summary will be sent each month of any changes found. This report is sent monthly, even if changes were not detected.

Learn more about the difference between minor and major impacts and how to investigate changes.

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