How to create a new email in Litmus

When you log in to your Litmus account, you’ll be able to jump right into building, testing, and monitoring your emails, as well as creating folders and managing emails. 

Litmus Home screen

Sending emails in to Litmus 

Sending in to Litmus lets you test an accurate test send from your ESP and will visually match closest to what your subscribers will be getting.  Emails sent into Litmus will include the ESP send-time HTML processing, which impacts previews and Proofs. 

  1. Select the blue Send in draft button in the Test your email box.
  2. If your personal Litmus email has been set up, it will appear at the top with a copy button.
  3. Paste that address into your ESP to send a draft. The email will arrive in the Inbox.

If you have NOT set up your personal test address you will see a prompt to create one. You can edit your Litmus address at any time in your Account settings.

Create an Email in Litmus 

Creating an Email in Litmus lets you bring an email directly into any folder. If you are on a Plus or Enterprise plan, you can also use Litmus' ESP integrations to send into Litmus without going to the ESP.

Start from the Dashboard or any folder: 

  • From the Dashboard, choose Create new to create a new email in the Inbox. 
  • From any folder, select the New email button in the upper right. This will create the email in that folder.

Using the new email screen

Start by entering a title for your email and select your workflow: Build, Test, or Review.

new email dialog screen

Once you have selected a workflow, you will be presented with various options for creating or importing your email.

new email options to choose a template, send in a draft, or get approvals on a proof

To get back to the dialog box, you can select New version from the various email views. 

Duplicating an Existing Email

You can also start a new email by duplicating an existing email. There are two places where you can duplicate an email:

Duplicating an email in the folder view

In the folder view, you can duplicate an email by selecting the breadcrumbs next to the Created by field.

Duplicate in folder view showing the flyout menu from the breadcrumbs to the right of the created by column

Duplicating an email in the email view

Within an individual email, you can duplicate an email by choosing the breadcrumbs next to the email's name.

Duplicate from email view showing the flyout menu from the breadcrumbs next to the email title in the upper left

Duplicating an email will create the email in the same folder as the original email (you can then move it to the appropriate folder). In addition, it will automatically name it Copy of [Original email]. You can rename the email.

When you duplicate an email, it will only create the email in Builder and no email previews will be automatically generated. You can use the Update Previews & QA or Update Proof & Previews tabs depending on your subscription options functionality to create the email in the Previews & QA pre-send checklist and Proof.

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