How do I start a new email test?

When you log into your Litmus account, the first thing you’ll see is your Dashboard. This is where you’ll be able to jump right into building, testing, and monitoring your email. You can also select your recent projects, checklists, and campaigns that we’ve highlighted for easy access.


HTML Uploader

If you decide to Paste your HTML, you’ll be taken directly to the Builder tab to submit your test. You can then “Create a New Project” and this will prompt you to either copy and paste your HTML or start coding your email from scratch.

To upload your HTML, simply select a Project name, and paste your HTML into the empty box. Your email will then be displayed in Builder, where you can edit your emails and see live previews in 40+ email clients instantly.

Sending your email in

If you prefer to send in your email, you can return to the dashboard of your account, or submit through Checklist. (Sending in your email will always result in a checklist, as this should be your final check before the email is sent.)This will prompt you to send your email into your static email address. Once we receive your email, you'll see your Checklist result displayed on the dashboard.

Start testing in Litmus Builder

Now it's your turn! Start a new email test today in Litmus Builder.

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