How does Litmus Checklist work?

You can find Litmus Checklist in the third tab down of your Litmus account.

You’ll see some options along the top of the page, that let you toggle between “All Checklists” from your team, and “My Checklists” which were run under your own personal login. You’ll also be able to sort by time, organizational tags, and by Checklist name.


Starting a new Checklist

To kick off a new Checklist, simply click on the green “Start a new checklist” button in the upper right-hand corner of your screen.


This will prompt you to create a static test email address where you send your email to from your email service provider. You’ll then see your email displayed on the dashboard. Once you open your checklist, you will be walked through a series of checks to ensure that your email is ready for the final send.

Once you have created your Litmus test address, you can simply send your email to this address each time and a new Checklist will be automatically created for you. You don't need to manually start one each time - unless you want to of course!

The first section you will approve will be Previews. We'll give you several options for viewing your screenshots:

  • Popular Clients: Determined by
  • All Clients: All 40+ email clients available for testing on Litmus
  • Custom: A selection of custom clients picked by you through the "configure" link

There is a "Comparison View" option, so you can preview your screenshots side by side. You'll find this option in the upper right-hand corner, after you select a screenshot. You can toggle between the "Comparison View" and the "Detailed preview view" as needed.

While viewing your screenshots, you can also flag any emails needed for review. (This option is available through the flag symbol in the lower right-hand corner of your screen.)

First Impressions

The next section you'll approve in your Checklist is First Impressions, where you’ll find checks for your Subject Line, From Name, Reply-to address, and Preview text. If we detect any errors in these categories, we'll suggest a fix for you. Otherwise, you'll just see a green check mark.


We'll also check to make sure your links are working correctly. You'll be able to see your Link text and path for each URL. Our check is comprehensive and includes a visual preview of the link, running the link against the Google Safe Browsing database to check for suspected phishing and malware pages, and verifying that click-throughs are being tracked. We’ll even expose Google Analytics UTM parameters if you’re using them on links in your email.

Tracking Check

The Tracking Check section will ensure that your clickthroughs are being tracked by Litmus, your ESP, and/or Google Analytics. We'll also let you know if a Litmus tracking code was included in your email.

Image Blocking Check

Image Check which will show you how many images you email contains long it takes for all the images in your email to download as well as each one individually.

Try it yourself!

Now it's your turn. Dot your i's and cross your t's with Litmus Checklist.

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