Analytics results of web version and other defined

You may notice that sometimes there are Web version and Other results tracked within your Email Analytics reports.

Web version analytics open types list

Web version opens are most frequently opens made within an email client with a small market share like a regional ISP such as Comcast or Verizon, an email that is viewed within a web browser (users clicking on the hosted version or 'Having trouble? View this in your browser' link), or if you include a link to your email in Facebook orTwitter updates. Web version opens can also occur when you are previewing your email's template in your ESP or HTML editor prior to sending, and you have included your Email Analytics code within this preview. You can check the URL of these opens within the individual level CSV report within the referrer data field.

Other category opens are desktop or mobile clients that we don't recognize, or other email clients that may break or distort their referrer or user agent. analytics open types list

If you see Other opens listed for webmail clients (for example, > Using Other) this means that the webmail client had been viewed in a browser with a smaller market share (Flock, SeaMonkey, etc.). You can also check the user_agent and referrer data fields for these opens in your individual level report CSV.

Gmail metric showing initial opens under Using a Browser

Note: As of November 2013, Gmail caches images for emails which affects how Email Analytics records Gmail opens. There is now a Using a Browser metric in Email Clients reports that shows initial opens from Google’s caching service These will appear as Using a Browser in your reports. Because of Gmail's image caching, we can no longer detect the browser associated with a Gmail open.

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