Upload HTML from Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive

Litmus’ new file selection integration with cloud storage providers allows Litmus users to begin working in any stage of the Litmus toolset with HTML files that are stored in Dropbox, Google’s Drive and Microsoft’s OneDrive. If you or your team are storing/sharing HTML files or templates within these cloud storage providers, you can now import a copy of that HTML file into Litmus.


Where can I access the integration? 

Litmus’ cloud storage file picker can be found in Builder, Proof or Checklist.  The option for importing HTML form any of our supported providers can be found in the menu to on the left of the modal that appears: 

Do I need to download any apps? 

No. There are no apps to download for this integration to work.  Simply select the provider that your HTML file is stored in.  You will be prompted to log into the provider (if you are not already) before being shown your folders and files. Selecting an HTML file will pull a copy of it into Litmus Builder, Proof, or Checklist.

Does my content sync back to my cloud storage solution if I make changes in Litmus?

No.  The integration is one-directional.  When you select a file to import into Litmus, you are bringing in a copy of the file, leaving the original version in the Cloud. 

Can I use more than one cloud storage integration? 

Yes! You can access files from any supported provider at any time.

Can I use this integration to upload images, videos, or other media into my email projects?

No. At this time, integration currently supports the importing of HTML files, for the purposes of creating a new Builder or Proof document or running a Checklist.

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