Creating modules from existing emails and templates

Modules allow you to produce high-quality, on-brand emails quickly at scale by breaking up your email designs into small, reusable components. What's more, Litmus Builder makes building with modular content easy and efficient for users of all skill levels. 

To get started, you'll need to create some modules. Chances are you already have some emails, or even templates, saved in Litmus. This article will explain how you can create reusable modules from those existing email and template resources.

Saving modules from existing emails or templates

First, find an email you want to work with and open it in Builder by either clicking on it and then clicking on the Builder tab, or by using the handy Open in links to jump directly into Builder.

builder tab folder view

Once in Builder, open the code editor by choosing Code on the Code/Visual toggle option, then select the code you want to save as a module. To select code, either use your mouse and/or keyboard in the code editor pane directly, or simply click on the section of the email you want to save in the right-hand preview pane to automatically select the appropriate lines of code.

select code in builder

Once you've selected some code, you'll see an option to Save selection as module appear in the upper right corner of the code editor pane. Click on this, give your module a name and a text trigger for use when inserting in code, and click Create module.

create new module

Your module will be saved to your Design Library and is also available immediately for use inside of Builder.

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