Email Testing Profiles

Email Testing Profiles provide the ability to create customized lists of email clients and devices in addition to your personal default list, allowing you to quickly switch between lists when building or testing your email.

✏️ Note: Email Testing Profiles are available on Plus and Enterprise plans.

Setting up an Email Testing Profile

  1. Visit the Email Clients page in Settings. Select “Create List.”
  2. Name your list (e.g. ‘Dark Mode Only’).
  3. Make your email client selections for this list.
  4. Click “Save List.”

Video walkthrough: Creating a new list

Using your Client Lists in Builder

  1. Visit the Builder tab of an Email.
  2. Select the “Email Previews” tab.
  3. Select the “Choose email clients” button (it may appear as a gear icon if the previews area is narrow).
  4. In the Configure Email Clients menu, you will see a drop-down in the upper left.
  5. Use the drop-down to select your list. The “Manage my lists” link will take you to the Settings area.

Video walkthrough: selecting a list in Builder

Using your Client Lists in Previews & QA

  1. Visit the Previews & QA tab of an Email.
  2. Select the “Choose email clients” button.
  3. In the Configure Email Clients menu, you will see a drop-down in the upper left.
  4. Click the drop-down to select your list.

Video walkthrough: Selecting a list in Previews & QA

Additional Information

  • The default list is the list that will be used for all emails being sent into Litmus and for the creation of new emails. 
  • Changes to email client selections after a new email is created or sent in are retained for that email only.
  • Lists are specific to each user and are not shared across your team.
  • When you switch between lists in Builder or Previews & QA, new previews will only be run for any clients not used in the previous list. For any clients used on both lists, new previews will not be generated or count towards your usage.
  • The feature is restricted to Full users, Account Holders, and Admins to create & edit profiles within Settings. 
  • For Enterprise Accounts: any Global Email Client settings configured by an admin will apply as before.
  • Your lists are not available in the Litmus extension, or within ESP partner integrations. 
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