Litmus Proof: Getting Started Guide

Simplify and streamline your email review and approval process with Litmus Proof. Here's how to get started:

1. Create Users & Groups

Maintain full control over your Litmus account with Users & Groups. Within Settings, add new users to your Litmus account or edit existing user roles. Account Holders, Admins, and Full Users have complete access to Litmus, including creating Proof projects and inviting users to review a Proof, while Reviewers have permissions only to view and comment on Proof projects they have been invited to.

Account Holders and Admins can create Groups to easily add an entire internal team or client team to a Proof project for review. Groups exist at the subaccount level.

Creating Groups

2. Create a Proof Project

Account Holders, Admins, or Full Users can create a Proof project. To create a new Proof project, navigate to Proof within your Litmus dashboard or sidebar, and click on the “New Proof Project” button. There are two ways to create a Proof project:

  1. Send a draft of your email
  2. Paste your HTML

Create a Proof

3. Invite Stakeholders to Review a Proof

Easily share your Proof project with anyone on your Litmus account—teammates, clients, and stakeholders—by clicking on the “Share” button. A modal will popup that will allow you to invite individual members, entire Groups, or both to review a Proof project. You can also leave a note with instructions and deadlines. For more information about sharing see the FAQ.

Inviting users

4. Create, Respond & Resolve Comments

Click anywhere on the email—or highlight any text—to leave a comment, and see all feedback for your campaign in one convenient place. Review, collaborate, and resolve changes easily with threaded comments for each annotation.


Plus, you can filter to view only resolved comments, only unresolved comments, or all comments.

Filter Comments

5. Check Links

Catch broken links before you send. Click links directly in the desktop, mobile, and plain text views to ensure all links are going to their intended destination to improve your campaign results and success.

Visit link

6. Upload a New Version + View All Versions

View and manage multiple versions of your email campaigns for a full system of record. To upload a new version, click on the “Upload New Version” button. You can create a new version by sending a draft of your email or pasting in your HTML.

New Version

To view past versions of your Proof project, visit the “Versions” tab.

All Versions

You’ll be able to see comments—and can even filter to include resolved comments—from all versions for a complete system of record for future reference.


For more information about Proof see the FAQ.

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