Receiving emailed receipts

We can send a copy of your payment receipts to you or another person in your company—for example, your accounts department.

To add an alternate billing contact, you will first need to set them up as a user in your account. They can be an Admin user, a Full user, or a Read-Only user. Read-Only users are free and can only view tests. They cannot create tests/campaigns or export any data. If you need help adding a new user, please follow these steps.

Once your billing contact has been added as a user, you may then go to the Invoices & Billing tab of your Litmus account. To access the Invoices & Billing tab, click on your account name in the top right-hand corner and then Settings:

Then click on Invoices & Billing. To the right you'll see a section labelled "Alternate Recipient" where you can select which user you'd like to receive the receipt:

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