Using Litmus with ExactTarget

Since our spam filter testing tool includes both reputation and content scoring, we require that you send your email to multiple seed email addresses for accurate scoring. In addition, we recommend sending from the same place your actual campaign will be sent from. If you’re using ExactTarget to send out your campaigns, here are some helpful tips for starting a spam filter test.


There are several different options for sending a test email via ExactTarget: guided send, simple send, test send and send preview.

All of these options offer different functionalities and all but one — the “test send” method — forces you to choose a previously uploaded CSV to send the test email to. Since the list of seed addresses change for each spam test, users will have to upload a new CSV each time they test.

In the “test send” method, there is an option to paste in email addresses to test your email to. However, these is a caveat to this option: while it allows you to test rendering, layout and copy, it does not include personalization, dynamic content, or AMPScript.

In addition, the “test send” method only allows users to input up to five email addresses. Since there are more than five seed addresses used to start a spam test, users would need to break the list of seed addresses into three groups and send three separate “test sends” in quick succession. As long as they are all sent within two minutes of each other, Litmus will automatically combine them into one test.


While you're in the earlier stages of designing and proofing your email, you can continue to send to a single address or upload your email's HTML into Litmus through the New Email Test page. If you don't check the spam option when creating a test, Litmus won't offer you the additional seed addresses. During this stage of your testing, use your Litmus test email address (found in the “Account” tab) to check the rendering using either the guided send, simple send or send preview method. By doing this, you’ll not only see how your email renders across clients, but you’ll be able to verify that personalization, dynamic content and AMPScript are working as well.

Once you’ve tested for rendering and your email is almost ready to go, start a new test to include spam filter testing. We recommend either using the “test send” method (and breaking the list of seed addresses into three chunks, as described above) or creating a CSV using the list of addresses, importing them into ExactTarget and then using either the guided send, simple send or send preview method.

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