Integrations with Litmus

The Integrations area in the Litmus platform allows you to quickly browse and learn more about the various platform and productivity integrations available in your account. On this page, you can see which integrations are already connected, and connect any new one available with your subscription. 

Integrations are divided into three categories: Email Service Providers, Productivity & Workflow, and Partner-side Connections. 

NOTE: The Integrations menu option is only visible to users with Full, Admin, or Account Holder roles. Some integrations are available with Plus or Enterprise plans only.

Email Service Providers

This section displays the different Email Service Providers (ESPs) you can connect to your Litmus account. 

Select any of the tiles in this section to learn more about the integrations available with a given ESP, and set up your connection.

ESP section in Integrations Marketplace

Any ESPs that are already connected to your account will be marked Connected.

Salesforce Marketing Cloud option in Integrations Marketplace with Connected message in upper right corner of tile

Each Integration page describes the Litmus plan requirements, the features that the Integration powers, and all of the methods of integration. The methods may include ESP Sync, the ability to generate Litmus previews in a given platform through a direct platform integration, or the Litmus Chrome Extension

Detail of integration page showing ESP Sync for Salesforce Marketing Cloud

Productivity & Workflow

Here you can view and connect the various productivity integrations (such as Slack and Trello) available in your account. As in the ESP section, click any tile to learn more about the integration and set up your connection.

Productivity and Workflow section of integrations marketplace

Partner-side Connections

This section displays any partner-side integrations you have set up which allow you to view Litmus previews in a third-party platform (for example, Salesforce Marketing Cloud). Unlike the other sections, this section does not display all available integrations. If you do not have a partner-side connection set up, this section will display a message indicating that there are currently no partner-side integrations connected.

empty partner-side connections section in integrations marketplace

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